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Small Glossy Grid Hair Claws

Small Glossy Grid Hair Claws

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Both practical & stylish, these hair claws are the perfect accessory to add a pop of colour to any outfit or are  ideal for keeping your hair back bice and tight on a busy day while still keeping your hair looking nice. 


Made with a super strong spring. They hold the hair nice and tight throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable and tight or loose & hanging out. Teeth are not sharp so they'll never dig into your scalp or feel like they're pulling tight on random  clumps of hair giving that horrible sharp pain you may remember from bring a kid..


Metal - Alloy

Made In China

Color - Orange White Grid, Blue White Grid, Blue Yellow Grid, Purple White Grid, Purple Yellow Grid, 

Weight - 15G

 Size: 5.2cm*5.0cm 

Material - PVC

Stone ColorMulti Color

Metal Alloy

Factory Chimera

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