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Owl Candle

Owl Candle

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Just one of the many statement candles available on our website these owls are the perfect fun original addition to any interior.

Things to note:

Our candles are handmade using 100% soy wax which is eco friendly, cruelty free, Vegan, Toxin Free & Show Burning. Every candle is unique meaning some minor imperfections/minor variations in colour may occur even though we do take the most pride in setting the highest quality standards possible.

The majority of our candles are made with a decorative purpose in mind so, if you choose to light your candle please place it on a heatproff, safe even surface or like a dish/tray and do not leave them unattended. Depending on size please don't leave your candle burning for more than 30 minutes - 4 hours.

Because of each candles particular shape, we cannot guarantee that each candle will burned evenly and some pay be left unburnt. Always keep your candle centred and straight to have the best burning experience. Any chunks of wax left at the end of the burning experience can be repurposed as Wax Melts!

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