Collection: Christmas Wax Melts & Candles

We've got Christmas gifting & Decor covered!

All Candles are currently listed by fragrance then candle style under that.   (Melt available soon)

Listing layout may change but for the moment if you wish to order a specific candle in a specific scent and/or colour way just drop me a message here through the chat box, on Instagram @VitaUnlimited or email and I'll get back to you within the hour to finalise your order with you and send on an invoice.  

If you'd wish to save on postage and your based in Dublin, you can arrange for collection at any of the markets listed on the website main page. 


Full fragrance list available

Toasted Marshmallow


Orange Chocolate

White Chocolate Caramel



Baked Cookies

Christmas Cookies


Minced Pied

Cookies & Cream

Candy Cane

Muled Wine

Glowy Winter

Snowkissed Lodge

Christmas Spice

Apple Cinnamon

Orange Cinnamon 




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