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Egg Tray Candle Set - Artemis Rising X Vita Unlimited

Egg Tray Candle Set - Artemis Rising X Vita Unlimited

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This set of six gorgeous candles handmade by Vita Unlimited are seated delightfully within a handmade Jesmonite egg holder handmade by Artemis Rising.


The candles are handmade with vegan, cruelty-free soy wax and cotton wicks and feature a Birthday Cake scent. The egg holder is handmade from Terracotta Jesmonite and is finished with a water-resistant sealant and cork base.


We recommend that you remove each candle from the holder for burning, to better preserve the egg holder.


If you choose to light your egg candles make sure to create a decent melt pool on first burn before blowing out your candle. Don't leave burning for a long time. For these we would recommend 30 minuted at a time. 


Keep away from pets, children and other vulnerable people. Never let wax be ingested or hot wax come in contact with skin.


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